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One of the primary challenges of developmental robotics is the question of how to learn and represent increasingly complex behavior in a self-motivated, open-ended way. 2004) have recently presented an algorithm for intrin-sically motivated reinforcement learning that strives to achieve broad competence in an environment in a task-nonspecific manner by(More)
Perceptions of who's not paying their fair share. If you would like to make any comments on this working paper please contact the author directly within 90 days of publication. Disclaimer This article has been written as part of a series of publications issued from the Centre for Tax System Integrity. The views contained in this article are representative(More)
—One important role of an agent's motivational system is to choose, at any given moment, which of a number of skills the agent should attempt to improve. Many researchers have suggested " intrinsically motivated " systems that receive internal reward for model learning progress, but for the most part this notion has not been applied with respect to skill(More)
To my family. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS In December 2002 I travelled to Vancouver, Canada, with my sister. When our grandmother was a child, she and her family emigrated from Sweden to Canada and settled near a small town called Hope in the vicinity of Vancouver. After the depression struck in 1929, the financial prospects were poor, so the family decided to return(More)
As artificial life systems grow in number and sophistication, it is becoming increasingly important that the field agree on principled metrics for evaluating them. This report describes a series of experiments validating the evolutionary activity statistics developed by Bedau and his colleagues [2, 3, 4]. The work described herein was motivated by a feeling(More)
Swarthmore's entries to this year's AAAI Mobile Robot competition won second place in the Urban Search and Rescue event and Third Place in the Robot Host competition. This article describes the features of Frodo and Rose, the two-robot team, and discusses their performance. The most important design feature that made the robots successful was a modular(More)
ACKNOWLEDGMENTS At the end of my Ph.D. journey, I find myself in the extremely fortunate position of having many people to thank. First and foremost, I owe much to my fantastic advisors, Rod Grupen and Andy Barto, who have been constant sources of wisdom and advice over the past six years. Rod has shown great trust in allowing me to pursue strange and(More)
Under the Higher Education Contribution Scheme graduates face a sharp discontinuity in their taxable incomes. At the first repayment threshold, they are required to pay a percentage of their entire income to reduce their debts. This results in an extremely high effective marginal tax rate. Using a sample of taxpayer returns we investigate whether taxpayers(More)