Andrew Stout

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One of the primary challenges of developmental robotics is the question of how to learn and represent increasingly complex behavior in a self-motivated, open-ended way. Barto, Singh, and Chentanez (Barto, Singh, & Chentanez 2004; Singh, Barto, & Chentanez 2004) have recently presented an algorithm for intrinsically motivated reinforcement learning that(More)
One important role of an agent’s motivational system is to choose, at any given moment, which of a number of skills the agent should attempt to improve. Many researchers have suggested “intrinsically motivated” systems that receive internal reward for model learning progress, but for the most part this notion has not been applied with respect to skill(More)
As artificial life systems grow in number and sophistication, it is becoming increasingly important that the field agree on principled metrics for evaluating them. This report describes a series of experiments validating the evolutionary activity statistics developed by Bedau and his colleagues [2, 3, 4]. The work described herein was motivated by a feeling(More)
Low-income women are among those at risk for delivering low-birth-weight babies (Lia-Hoagberg et al., 1990; Miller, Magolis, Schwethelm, & Smith, 1989; St. Clair, Smeriglio, Alexander, Connell, & Niebyl, 1990). These women tend to use prenatal care less often, perceive more barriers to care, have less positive reinforcement for receiving care, have less(More)
Swarthmore’s entries to this year’s AAAI Mobile Robot competition won second place in the Urban Search and Rescue event and Third Place in the Robot Host competition. This article describes the features of Frodo and Rose, the two-robot team, and discusses their performance. The most important design feature that made the robots successful was a modular(More)
Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and his colleagues for supplying us with the microdata used in this analysis. Andrew Norton, John Quiggin, Maria Racionero, Chris Ryan, Susanne Schmidt, seminar participants at the ATO, Macquarie University and the University of Queensland, two anonymous referees and editor Paul Miller provided valuable comments and(More)