Andrew Stankevich

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This paper presents a brief of properties and rules of digital order tracking analysis in diagnosis of rotary machines. The classical methods of order spectrum analysis are also provided. The main part of given paper is description of new approach of method for digital tracking analysis. The most important thing is a way of choosing samples for logical(More)
In this paper, we have introduced a generalized block-lifting structure using the 2-D CORDIC algorithm as a block of 4-band linear phase paraunitary filter banks (LP PUFB) based on the quaternionic algebra (Q-PUFB) for the lossy-to-lossless image coding. A bank Q-PUFB based on the 2-D CORDIC block-lifting structure reduces the number of rounding operations(More)
This paper presents a systematic design of the of the integer-to-integer invertible quaternionic multiplier based on the block-lifting structure and pipelined embedded processor of the given multiplier using distributed arithmetic (DA) as a block of M-band linear phase paraunitary filter banks (LP PUFB) based on the quaternionic algebra (Q-PUFB) for the(More)
The novel 4- and 8-band linear-phase paraunitary filter banks (LP PUFBs) using quaternion multipliers are presented, which are aimed at a finite-precision implementation. The presented in the given paper LP PUFB offers clean advantages over the known ones are regularity conditions are formulated directly in terms of quaternionic lattice coefficients.(More)
The paper reports on an attempt to implement a real-time hardware H.264 video decoder. The initial results of the project are presented, especially a customized RISC core and some digital modules, both of which have been implemented in Xilinx FPGA. The former has to serve as a host processor that supervises the latter, which speed up the essential decoding(More)
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