Andrew Soutar

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Most moths use ears solely to detect the echolocation calls of hunting, insectivorous bats and evoke evasive flight manoeuvres. This singularity of purpose predicts that this sensoribehavioural network will regress if the selective force that originally maintained it is removed. We tested this with noctuid moths from the islands of Tahiti and Moorea, sites(More)
Four sediment traps of radically different design were deployed in the Santa Barbara Basin for approximately 45 days. The measured fluxes ranged from 370 to 774 g m-2 yr I for the different designs. These values lie within flux measurements previously determined for the basin. Compared to the 25-year record (920 g m-2 yr-i), however, all fluxes determined(More)
AIMS To determine whether acquired colour vision deficits in solvent exposed individuals are associated with cognitive impairment. METHODS A sample of 82 painters and 38 other subjects were studied. Alcohol, drug, and smoking histories were obtained. Colour vision was tested using the Lanthony D-15-d colour vision test. Cognitive impairment was measured(More)
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