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BACKGROUND Noise is typically conceived of as being detrimental to cognitive performance. However, given the mechanism of stochastic resonance, a certain amount of noise can benefit performance. We investigate cognitive performance in noisy environments in relation to a neurocomputational model of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and(More)
This paper reports data from a qualitative study of patient experiences of DNA testing and cascade screening for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and long QT syndrome, cardiac conditions that place sufferers at risk of sudden death. The paper particularly focuses on potential impediments to testing and screening. Semi-structured interviews were undertaken with a(More)
A key selling point of pharmacogenetics is the genetic stratification of either patients or diseases in order to target the prescribing of medicine. The hope is that genetically 'tailored' medicines will replace the current 'one-size-fits-all' paradigm of drug development and usage. This paper is concerned with the relationship between difference and(More)
A series of studies in rat using isoenergetic (kcal/ml) liquid diets differing in fat content has previously found dietary fat to dose-dependently increase daily caloric intake. In single-meal tests in which meal initiation was externally evoked in feeding-associated environments, the behavioral expression of this overeating was found to be larger meal(More)
As the search for human genetic variation has become a priority for biomedical science, debates have resurfaced about the use of race and ethnicity as scientific classifications. In this paper we consider the relationship between race, ethnicity and genetics, using insights from science and technology studies (STS) about processes of classification and(More)
The comet assay is widely used to measure DNA damage and repair in basic research, genotoxicity testing and human biomonitoring. The conventional format has 1 or 2 gels on a microscope slide, 1 sample per slide. To increase throughput, we have designed and tested a system with 12 smaller gels on one slide, allowing incubation of individual gels with(More)
There has been considerable scientific, corporate and policy interest in the more effective use of genetics in both drug development and delivery. Pharmacogenetics - the study of the relationship between an individual's genetic makeup and response to medicinal drugs - has attracted global interest, but will it live up to its promise? Looking beyond the hype(More)
Pharmacogenetics is an emerging biotechnology concerned with understanding the genetic basis of drug response, and promises to transform the development, marketing and prescription of medicines. This paper is concerned with analysing the move towards segmented drug markets, which is implicit in the commercial development of pharmacogenetics. It is claimed(More)
  • Andrew Smart
  • International journal for quality in health care…
  • 2006
Clinical utility is an increasingly used concept in health care, but one that lacks an agreed formal definition or conceptualization. In this article, I show that the term is commonly used as a synonym for studies of clinical effectiveness and/or economic evaluations and argue that further factors relating to everyday working practice should be included(More)
This paper describes an effort to estimate variations in cognitive effort among cancer survivors experiencing treatment related cognitive decline. EEG-based cognitive state sensing algorithms were validated in the context of an experiment with 5 brain cancer and 5 breast cancer survivors. Workload was manipulated by varying text complexity and time(More)