Andrew Silverman

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Cervicovaginal scrapings from 675 women who had volunteered information about the time of their last coitus and their contraceptive and douching practices were stained with Papanicoalaou stain and screened for spermatozoa. Generally, as the interval between coitus and preparation of the smears (postcoital interval) increased, the percentage of smears with(More)
Routine cervicovaginal (PAP) smears from 1,239 women from ages 16 to 92 were examined retrospectively for spermatozoa. The prevalence of spermatozoa in cervicovaginal smears was found to be highest (25%) in the 20-24 year age group, and fell gradually to 20% in the 70-79 year age group. The oldest woman in the study to have spermatozoa in her smear was 76(More)
One of the most clinically significant complications related to the use of pharmacotherapy is the potential for drug-drug or drug-disease interactions. The gastrointestinal system plays a large role in the pharmacokinetic profile of most medications, and many medications utilized in gastroenterology have clinically significant drug interactions. This review(More)
Granulocyte adherence was measured in blood samples from 57 subjects more than 60 years old and 50 subjects 11 to 59 years old. In contrast to mean hemoglobin levels, leukocyte counts, and neutrophil counts, which were lower in the samples from the older group, granulocyte adherence was greater for the older subjects (mean = 78.4%) than for the younger(More)
In order to test the different expectations of evolutionary psychologists and “folk” psychologists about whether men or women are better at judging family resemblance, we created a test consisting of pairs of photographs, some of a parent and that parent’s child, and some of au unrelated parent and child. Two hundred subjects judged the relatedness of 24(More)
INTRODUCTION Stuttering is a speech disorder in which the flow of speech is disrupted by repetitions, prolongation, and blocks of sounds, syllables, or words. No pharmacological treatments are approved for use in stuttering, and the most common form of treatment is speech therapy. This study was designed to assess the safety, tolerability, and effectiveness(More)