Andrew Semenov

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AIM To compare a new-generation fecal immunochemical test (FIT) with the leading guaiac-based test in detection of fecal occult blood (FOB) in colonoscopy-referral patients. PATIENTS AND METHODS A cohort of 300 patients referred for colonoscopy was examined by two different tests for FOB: ColonView quick test (CV) (FIT test for haemoglobin (Hb) and(More)
BACKGROUND Sleep-disordered breathing is common in heart failure (HF), and prolonged circulation time and diminished pulmonary volume are considered the main possible causes of sleep apnea in these patients. However, the impact and interrelation between sleep apnea and HF development are unclear. We report the case of a patient with complete elimination of(More)
Cerebral venous infarct is considered to be rare (0-5% of all strokes). In some cases venous infarcts with no specific signs on conventional CT or MR study are not diagnosed due to incomplete examination. A venous infarct more often (63%) than an arterial (15%) infarct is accompanied by hemorrhage (primary or secondary in the early period) and a high risk(More)
INTRODUCTION Hemorrhagic stroke (HS) has higher incidence in Asian population compared to Caucasian. The reason for this phenomenon is not clearly understood. AIM To investigate the contribution of cerebral vascular anomalies in hemorrhagic stroke structurein different racial groups of Yakutia. MATERIALS AND METHODS The study group included 1078(More)
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