Andrew Schmidt

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for helpful discussions. We are especially grateful to Jeff Strnad for providing detailed comments. The paper has benefited from truly excellent comments from an anonymous referee and the editor. We thank seminar participants at the High Frequency Data and San Diego. We also thank Philippe Mueller for tabulating some of the data and Jihong Zang for checking(More)
Knowledge of data traffic behavior is fundamental to the efficient design and implementation of a virtual circuit packet switch and its supporting policies and mechanisms. In this paper, we examine the behavior of local and wide area <i>Internet Protocol</i> (IP) networks, study connection and connectionless protocols, and use our results to estimate the(More)
the evolution and importance of global research community networking. Collaborators worked together to solve complex computational problems using advanced high-speed networks to access geographically-distributed computing, storage, and display resources. It is this collection of computing and communication resources that we refer to as the International(More)
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