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OBJECTIVE Anemia of chronic disorders (ACD) and iron deficiency are common features in rheumatoid arthritis (RA), but may be difficult to distinguish without marrow sampling, which is invasive, time consuming, and expensive. We sought simple laboratory measures that identified patients with absent marrow iron stores (iron deficiency). METHODS 45 anemic(More)
Acadesine has shown in vitro to selectively induce apoptosis in B cells from chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) patients. We conducted a phase I/II open-label clinical study, to determine the safety and tolerability of acadesine given intravenously as a 4-h infusion to CLL patients. Patient population included CLL patients with relapsed/refractory disease(More)
BACKGROUND Current recommendations for ANCA-associated vasculitis (AAV) support its management within a dedicated clinical service. Therapies for AAV are imperfect with many patients failing to achieve disease control and others experiencing disease relapse. Plasma exchange (PEX) may be beneficial especially when the kidney is involved. METHODS Within a(More)
We surveyed 13 proven cases of neuro-otologic tumors to determine the value of audiometric and radiologic studies. Angle myelography was positive in 100% of cases tested. CT scan with intravenous enhancement was positive in 91% of cases tested. Stapedial reflex decay or tone decay was positive in 100% of cases tested. A practical management plan is(More)
Recently, in a ten-day-period, three patients whose hearing was within normal limits with good speech discrimination were found to have large cerebellopontine angle tumors. There were neurologic symptoms in only one patient. In these three cases, stapedius reflexes were absent with the affected ear stimulated. Brain stem evoked responses (BSER) were clearly(More)
Patients with suspected retrocochlear disease are usually evaluated with stapedial reflex studies and BSER. Positive responses on these tests usually indicate the need for CT scans with air contrast myelogram. We have been impressed with the lack of sensitivity of these audiometric tests in separating tumor from non-tumorous causes. Although we have never(More)
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