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Laparoscopic ventral hernia repair has been demonstrated to be an acceptable and successful technique. Aside from similar, albeit fewer, complications compared to open hernia repair, the laparoscopic technique has the additional complication of port site hernia to its follow-up criteria. Our initial experience with reduced port surgery in hernias was(More)
Storing and retrieving radiology cases is an important activity for education and clinical research, but this process can be time-consuming. In the process of structuring reports and images into organized teaching files, incidental pathologic conditions not pertinent to the primary teaching point can be omitted, as when a user saves images of an aortic(More)
Radiology reports contain information that can be mined using a search engine for teaching, research, and quality assurance purposes. Current search engines look for exact matches to the search term, but they do not differentiate between reports in which the search term appears in a positive context (i.e., being present) from those in which the search term(More)
An important aspect of a new surgical technique is whether it can be performed by other surgeons in other institutions. The authors report the first 297 cases in a multi-institutional and multinational review of laparoscopic cholecystectomy performed via a single portal of entry. Data were collected retrospectively for the initial patients undergoing(More)
BACKGROUND We have developed a single port access (SPA) surgical technique that allows for procedures to be done through a single umbilical port incision <20 mm in length. For a new approach to be universally beneficial, it needs to be easily learned and applied. METHODS Single port access abdominal procedures are performed through one umbilical incision(More)
The Single Port Access (SPA) technique offers a novel approach to minimally invasive abdominal surgery [1–2]. Using standard instrumentation, laparoscopic procedures can be performed entirely through the umbilicus in a similar fashion to standard multiport procedures. Utilizing subcutaneous flaps, very low-profile trocars, and standard instruments, we have(More)
Die „narbenlose“ Chirurgie ist ein wünschenswertes Ziel in der Welt der Laparoskopie und interventionellen Endoskopie. Eine Möglichkeit, dieses Ziel zu erreichen, ist der abdominelle Zugang durch eine natürliche Körperöffnung („natural orifice translumenal endoscopic surgery”, NOTES); diesem Verfahren fehlt jedoch noch eine geeignete Plattform und die(More)
Thermal plasma is a valued tool in surgery for its coagulative and ablative properties. We suggested through in vitro studies that nonthermal plasma can sterilize tissues, inactive pathogens, promote coagulation, and potentiate wound healing. The present research was undertaken to study acute toxicity in porcine skin tissues. We demonstrate that floating(More)
Natural language processing (NLP) techniques to extract data from unstructured text into formal computer representations are valuable for creating robust, scalable methods to mine data in medical documents and radiology reports. As voice recognition (VR) becomes more prevalent in radiology practice, there is opportunity for implementing NLP in real time for(More)
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