Andrew S. Targowski

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The purpose of this study is to define what is information, mainly in terms of cognition units, and also find out its other perspectives and images. Once information is understood, then it is possible to define its role in wisdom development in general and in civilization. First information will be defined in terms of several perspectives. Secondly(More)
The paper is a general review of Information Wave’s (IW) ideologies. IW is an ongoing process of political (ideological), economic, social, and technical configurations and relations. Conflicted IW ideologies must be reconciled. The interests of info-economic utility and social justice need to be balanced. Social awareness of IW must be promoted. A healthy(More)
The purpose of this study is to define generic service processes, their system, and a scope of service science developed originally by the author. In the presented approach, the main criterion is the class of serviced users, since this leads to the six kinds of process recognition and eventually helps in planning e-service systems’ architecture. E-service(More)