Andrew S. Robertson

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The purpose of this report is to highlight ongoing Federal research efforts in this science and technology (S&T) field and to identify new and promising areas where there might be gaps in Federal support. The report is intended for internal planning purposes within the Federal agencies and as a mechanism to convey to the S&T community the types of research(More)
INTRODUCTION Recent events have heightened awareness of disaster health issues and the need to prepare the health workforce to plan for and respond to major incidents. This has been reinforced at an international level by the World Association for Disaster and Emergency Medicine, which has proposed an international educational framework. OBJECTIVE The aim(More)
Diseases such as trypanosomiasis, leish-maniasis, and lymphatic filariasis impose substantial health burdens in developing countries [1,2]. These diseases are widely neglected because there is little financial incentive for biopharmaceutical companies to invest in developing new treatments , vaccines, and diagnostics. Most of the 1,000,000,000 people(More)
The need for new drugs and vaccines for neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) is widely accepted [1]. Yet, encouraging pharmaceutical and biotechnology company investment in developing these much-needed treatments remains a challenge due to a lack of a commercial market driving companies to pursue NTD projects [2]. To address this challenge, economists Ridley,(More)
Amici are scholars with the Information Society Project at Yale Law School (ISP), 2 an intellectual center addressing the implications of new information technologies for law and society: Wendy Seltzer, a Senior Fellow at the ISP, writes on law and technology of free expression and user innovation, including digital copyright, software patent, and(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the frequency with which bipolar II disorder (BD II) was diagnosed in clinics held in four rural towns in New South Wales (NSW). METHOD A retrospective case file audit was conducted for patients referred for psychiatric assessment and treatment in four towns in rural NSW over a period of two years and nine months. RESULTS Of 559(More)
passed away in April 2002. We are publishing this article posthumously with the assistance of Roderick A. MacDonald, who agreed to help us publish the text in a way we think accords with Professor Sheridan's intentions. Sir John Gladstone (1764-1851) was a prominent Liverpool merchant, member of parliament, and father of a prime minister. He owned slaves of(More)
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