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Beginning at different ages in their preschool years, groups of chronically undernourished children from Colombian families of low socioeconomic status participated in a program of treatment combining nutritional, health care, and educational features. By school age the gap in cognitive ability between the treated children and a group of privileged children(More)
The pharmacology of ethylenediamine (EDA) actions in the rat small intestine was examined using isolated gut-bath preparations of proximal segments of the duodenum, jejunum, and ileum. EDA evoked concentration-dependent tetrodotoxin-insensitive relaxations of the intestine, evidently by direct action on the muscularis. Such actions were simultaneous on the(More)
Recently some have called for randomized controlled trials comparing RFA to hepatic resection, particularly for patients with only a few small metastases. The objectives were to compare local recurrence and survival following RFA and hepatic resection for colorectal liver metastases. This was a retrospective review of open RFA and hepatic resection for(More)
A 96 h infusion of epoprostenol (prostacyclin) or placebo was given as a treatment for rest pain to 28 patients with severe peripheral arterial disease. 24 h after the end of the infusion patients given epoprostenol had significantly less pain and took fewer analgesics tablets than did the controls. In some patients the epoprostenol effect lasted for over 1(More)
BACKGROUND Controversy exists whether young patients diagnosed with colorectal cancer have a poorer prognosis. Although younger patients are more likely to have certain poor prognostic factors, prior studies have shown mixed results in terms of overall prognosis, which may be due to lack of adjustment for confounding factors. The primary objective of our(More)
BACKGROUND Intensive insulin therapy with continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion (CSII) devices or multiple daily injections (MDI) reduces the risk of long-term vascular complications of type I diabetes (TID). Both treatments are used routinely, but there is little evidence to demonstrate superiority of either treatment. If CSII treatment reduces the risk(More)
BACKGROUND Anxiety and depression are common following traumatic brain injury (TBI), often co-occurring. This study evaluated the efficacy of a 9-week cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) program in reducing anxiety and depression and whether a three-session motivational interviewing (MI) preparatory intervention increased treatment response. METHOD A(More)
BACKGROUND The Canadian province of Manitoba covers a large geographical area but only has one major urban center, Winnipeg. We sought to determine if regional differences existed in the quality of colorectal cancer care in a publicly funded health care system. METHODS This was a population-based historical cohort analysis of the treatment and outcomes of(More)
The effects of ethylenediamine in different regions of the rat and guinea-pig small intestine were investigated pharmacologically using isolated gut-bath preparations. In the guinea-pig, ethylenediamine caused concentration-dependent neurally mediated contractions or biphasic responses (contraction followed by relaxation). The contractions could be(More)
Epicardial cells on the heart's surface give rise to coronary artery smooth muscle cells (caSMCs) located deep in the myocardium. However, the differentiation steps between epicardial cells and caSMCs are unknown as are the final maturation signals at coronary arteries. Here, we use clonal analysis and lineage tracing to show that caSMCs derive from(More)