Andrew S. Kowalski

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Temperate and boreal forests in the Northern Hemisphere cover an area of about 2 x 10(7) square kilometres and act as a substantial carbon sink (0.6-0.7 petagrams of carbon per year). Although forest expansion following agricultural abandonment is certainly responsible for an important fraction of this carbon sink activity, the additional effects on the(More)
Hexaploid bread wheat evolved from a rare hybridisation, which resulted in a loss of genetic diversity in the wheat D-genome with respect to the ancestral donor, Aegilops tauschii. Novel genetic variation can be introduced into modern wheat by recreating the above hybridisation; however, the information associated with the Ae. tauschii accessions in(More)
The accurate assessment of respiration by woody vegetation, still a challenge in plant productivity models, is generally a problem of correctly scaling-up the process from organs to the whole plant. We used a large (41.6 m3), canopy chamber to enclose mature olive trees and to measure aboveground respiration (R ag ) under natural environmental conditions in(More)
Gas exchange measurements on individual plants depend largely on chamber systems, and uncertainties and corrections in current flux calculation procedures require further assessment. We present a practical study with novel methods for analyses of flux uncertainties in an original chamber design excluding soil fluxes and allowing simultaneous measurements of(More)
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