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The culture crunch
Daniel Bell’s The Cultural Contradictions of Capitalism lies at the intersection of the three main theoretical currents of sociological thought, those of Karl Marx, Émile Durkheim and Max Weber. HisExpand
The symbolic mediation of patient trust: Transnational health-seeking among Indian-Australians.
This article explores whether this extension of treatment and medication possibilities, owing to greater transnational movement of goods and people, presents increasing challenges for maintainingExpand
Conceptualising trust in aged care
Crowdfunding Nostalgia: Kickstarter and the Revival of Classic PC Game Genres
This article argues that the developer/player funding relationship contains limitations and tensions of its own, most notably a reliance on nostalgia for classic gaming experiences, a greater level of public scrutiny over the development process, and constraints on the capacity to modify project goals during the post-investment phase. Expand
The Masses are the Ruling Classes: Policy Romanticism, Democratic Populism, and Social Welfare in America
Populism is popular as a buzzword among political and social scientists right now, as they collectively try to make sense of the contemporary political moment. Epstein’s book is certainly about pop...
Conceptual histories and critical theories
Recent scholarship has drawn on Koselleck’s methods of conceptual history and his diagnosis of ‘crisis’ in modernity to make sense of 21st-century developments in political, social and economic lifeExpand
Jürgen Habermas: With and Against the Crisis Paradigm
Legitimation Crisis was Habermas’s most influential statement on crisis tendencies. While this book was written during a transitional period in Habermas’s intellectual development and containsExpand