Andrew S Adamson

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Carcinoma of the prostate has historically been associated with the bleeding diathesis which accompanies disseminated intravascular coagulation. We have performed a prospective study into the prevalence of coagulopathy in patients with untreated prostate cancer using matched patients with benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH) as controls. Haemostatic(More)
Tethered cord syndrome is a complication of spinal dysraphism. The tethering of the cord does not permit the normal cranial migration of the conus within the vertebral canal and this results in neural dysfunction due to a traction neuropathy. Although this condition commonly presents in childhood, less severe degrees of tethering may remain asymptomatic(More)
The records of 85 children undergoing total nephrectomy have been reviewed. Diagnoses ranged between pyelonephritis (37 patients), renal tumours (25), renal dysplasia and multicystic kidney (16), obstructive uropathy (6) and renal vein thrombosis (1). In the pyelonephritic group a contributory ipsilateral abnormality was demonstrated in 36 of the 37(More)
One hundred consecutive endoscopically placed peritoneal dialysis catheters inserted in 95 patients over an 18-month period have been reviewed. All catheters were placed for chronic dialysis (CAPD). Following insertion there were five early catheter failures (4 failed to drain, 1 perforated viscus) and 13 early complications (7 leaks, 3 tunnel bleeds, 2(More)
Background:Germline mutations within DNA-repair genes are implicated in susceptibility to multiple forms of cancer. For prostate cancer (PrCa), rare mutations in BRCA2 and BRCA1 give rise to moderately elevated risk, whereas two of ∼100 common, low-penetrance PrCa susceptibility variants identified so far by genome-wide association studies implicate RAD51B(More)