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V-Measure: A Conditional Entropy-Based External Cluster Evaluation Measure
We present V-measure, an external entropybased cluster evaluation measure. Vmeasure provides an elegant solution to many problems that affect previously defined cluster evaluation measures includingExpand
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AutoBI - a tool for automatic toBI annotation
This paper describes the AuToBI tool for automatic generation of hypothesized ToBI labels. While research on automatic prosodic annotation has been conducted for many years, AuToBI represents theExpand
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Charisma perception from text and speech
Charisma, the ability to attract and retain followers without benefit of formal authority, is more difficult to define than to identify. While we each seem able to identify charismatic individuals -Expand
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Acoustic/prosodic and lexical correlates of charismatic speech
Charisma, the ability to command authority on the basis of personal qualities, is more difficult to define than to identify. How do charismatic leaders such as Fidel Castro or Pope John Paul IIExpand
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Automatic detection and classification of prosodic events
Automatic Detection and Classification of Prosodic Events Andrew Rosenberg Prosody, or intonation, is a critically important component of spoken communication. The automatic extraction of prosodicExpand
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The value of spatial information in MPA network design
The science of spatial fisheries management, which combines ecology, oceanography, and economics, has matured significantly. As a result, there have been recent advances in exploiting spatiallyExpand
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Learning to Speak Fluently in a Foreign Language: Multilingual Speech Synthesis and Cross-Language Voice Cloning
We present a multispeaker, multilingual text-to-speech (TTS) synthesis model based on Tacotron that is able to produce high quality speech in multiple languages. Moreover, the model is able toExpand
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Classifying Skewed Data: Importance Weighting to Optimize Average Recall
Promoted in part by its use in the Interspeech Challenges in 2009-2012, Average Recall has emerged as an attractive evaluation measure of classifier performance where the data has a skewed classExpand
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Cross-Cultural Production and Detection of Deception from Speech
Detecting deception from different dimensions of human behavior has been a major goal of research in psychology and computational linguistics for some years and is currently of considerable interestExpand
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Story Segmentation of Broadcast News in English, Mandarin and Arabic
In this paper, we present results from a Broadcast News story segmentation system developed for the SRI NIGHTINGALE system operating on English, Arabic and Mandarin news shows to provide input toExpand
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