Andrew Ronchi

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BACKGROUND Schwannoma and angiosarcoma are infrequent pathologies that have been rarely reported in the kidney. Angiosarcoma is an uncommon malignant tumor presenting a recognizable vascular differentiation. It can develop in any site but the most common locations include the skin, soft tissues, breast, bone, liver, and spleen while renal localization has(More)
— Ground Reaction Forces (GRF) are exerted by a surface as a reaction to a person standing, walking or running on the ground. In elite and recreational sports, GRFs are measured and studied to facilitate performance improvement and enhance injury management. Although, GRFs can be measured accurately using force platforms, such a hardware can only operate in(More)
Fibrous variant of Hashimoto's thyroiditis is a rare condition occurring in about 10% cases, mainly middle age people. It is characterized by an extensive fibrous proliferation without extension into the surrounding structures. A 55-year-old female was referred to our department for an unexplained onset of cervical discomfort. She presented a voluminous(More)
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