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We present Offload, a programming model for offloading parts of a C++ application to run on accelerator cores in a heterogeneous multicore system. Code to be offloaded is enclosed in an offload scope; all functions called indirectly from an offload scope are compiled for the accelerator cores. Data defined inside/outside an offload scope resides in(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Currently, the effect of the volume of cement used during sacroplasty on the restoration of pelvic strength and stiffness is unknown. The purpose of this study was to measure that effect in a sacral insufficiency fracture model. MATERIALS AND METHODS Twenty-five osteoporotic cadaveric pelves were potted, and sacral fractures were(More)
The objectives of this study were to quantify the relationship between passive tension of rotator cuff repairs and arm position and to examine the effect of this tension on repair gap formation. Five patients undergoing open surgical rotator cuff repair of the supraspinatus tendon were recruited. Tendon tension was recorded as the supraspinatus was advanced(More)
STUDY DESIGN Biomechanical cadaveric bench study. OBJECTIVE To measure the augmentation effect and extravasation risk of posterior and lateral approaches to sacroplasty. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA The biomechanical stabilizing effect of sacroplasty is unknown. METHODS Using a sacral insufficiency fracture model, we performed sacroplasty in 15(More)
We discuss three complementary approaches that can provide both portability and an increased level of abstraction for the programming of heterogeneous multicore systems. Together, these approaches also support performance portability, as currently investigated in the EU FP7 project PEPPHER. In particular, we consider (1) a library-based approach, here(More)
Computer systems are increasingly parallel and heterogeneous , while programs are still largely written in sequential languages. The obvious suggestion that the compiler should automatically distribute a sequential program across the system usually fails in practice because of the complexity of dependence analysis in the presence of aliasing. We introduce(More)
This paper presents work undertaken to integrate the future UK national Shibboleth infrastructure with the UK's National Grid Service (NGS). Our work, ShibGrid, provides both transparent authentication for portal based Grid access and a credential transformation service for users of other Grid access methods. The ShibGrid support for portal-based(More)
The National Grid Service (NGS) provides access to compute and data resources for UK academics. Currently users are required to have an X.509 certificate from the UK e-Science Certification Authority (CA) or one of its international peers to access the NGS. The CA must satisfy the requirements for internationally agreed assurance levels and some users find(More)
1 The asymptotic tail-behaviour of sums of independent subexponential random variables is well understood, one of the main characteristics being the principle of the single big jump. We study the case of dependent subexponen-tial random variables, for both deterministic and random sums, using a fresh approach, by considering conditional independence(More)
Offload C++ is an extended version of the C++ language, together with a compiler and runtime system, for automatically offloading general-purpose C++ code to run on the Synergistic Processor Elements (SPEs) of the Cell Broadband Engine (BE) processor. We introduce Offload C++ by presenting a case study using the approach to offload parts of an image(More)