Andrew Reed

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Developers of application codes for massively parallel computer systems face daunting performance tuning and optimization problems that must be solved if massively parallel systems are to fullll their promise. Recording and analyzing the dynamics of application program, system software, and hardware interactions is the key to understanding and the(More)
In recent years, Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH) has become the primary method to deliver video on the Internet, with Netflix currently leading the industry. Thus, any method to determine the content of a wireless Netflix stream presents a potential privacy concern for the entire DASH industry. In this paper, we demonstrate that it is possible(More)
As HTTP-based streaming video applications have grown to become a major source of Internet traffic, and as the new ISO standard Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH) gains industry acceptance, researchers need the ability to both study real-world viewing data and simulate realistic DASH streams. The first effort is complicated by the fact that network(More)
Dense populations of " stalked jellyfish " (Stauromedusae) were encountered at two geographically-separated, deep-sea hydrothermal vent fields located at 7°26'S; and 20°02'S along the East Pacific Rise (EPR). DSV Alvin was utilized (on dives 3320 and 3334) at the sites to collect numerous stauromedusans, which were immediately frozen (at-70°C) or preserved(More)
Parallel computing is rapidly evolving to include heterogeneous collections of distributed and parallel systems. Concurrently, applications are becoming increasingly multidisciplinary with code libraries implemented using diverse programming models. To optimize the behavior of complex applications on heterogeneous systems, performance analysis software must(More)
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