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The effects of biochar properties on crop growth are little understood. Therefore, biochar was produced from eight feedstocks and pyrolyzed at four temperatures (300°C, 400°C, 500°C, 600°C) using slow pyrolysis. Corn was grown for 46 days in a greenhouse pot trial on a temperate and moderately fertile Alfisol amended with the biochar at application rates of(More)
Locally extensive pre-Columbian human occupation and modification occurred in the forests of the central and eastern Amazon Basin, but whether comparable impacts extend westward and into the vast terra firme (interfluvial) zones, remains unclear. We analyzed soils from 55 sites across central and western Amazonia to assess the history of human occupation.(More)
Bacteria decomposed damaged and moribund Chrysaora quinquecirrha Desor, 1848 releasing a pulse of carbon and nutrients. Tissue decomposed in 5–8 days, with 14 g of wet biomass exhibiting a half-life of 3 days at 22°C, which is 3× longer than previous reports. Decomposition raised mean concentrations of organic carbon and nutrients above controls by 1–2(More)
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