Andrew R Wilde

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The guanosine tri-phosphatase Ran stimulates assembly of microtubule spindles. However, it is not known what aspects of the microtubule cytoskeleton are subject to regulation by Ran in mitosis. Here we show that Ran–GTP stimulates microtubule assembly by increasing the rescue frequency of microtubules three- to eightfold. In addition to changing microtubule(More)
The g -tubulin ring complex ( g TuRC), purified from the cytoplasm of vertebrate and invertebrate cells, is a microtubule nucleator in vitro. Structural studies have shown that g TuRC is a structure shaped like a lock-washer and topped with a cap. Microtubules are thought to nucleate from the uncapped side of the g TuRC. Consequently, the cap structure of(More)
Induction of apoptosis causes active dissipation of the RanGTP gradient across an intact nuclear envelope by immobilizing RCC1, the guanine nucleotide exchange factor for RanGTPase, on chromatin. The subsequent reduction in nuclear trafficking prevents the movement of NF-κB into the nucleus, thereby allowing apoptosis to proceed.
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