Andrew R. Smith

Paul D Windschitl3
Paul C Price3
Douglas Godbold2
Davey L. Jones2
3Paul D Windschitl
3Paul C Price
2Douglas Godbold
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In 5 experiments, college students exhibited a group size effect on risk judgments. As the number of individuals in a target group increased, so did participants' judgments of the risk of the average member of the group for a variety of negative life events. This happened regardless of whether the stimuli consisted of photographs of real peers or(More)
  • Douglas Godbold, Arvo Tullus, Priit Kupper, Jaak Sõber, Ivika Ostonen, Jasmin A. Godbold +3 others
  • 2014
Anthropogenic activity has increased the level of atmospheric CO2, which is driving an increase of global temperatures and associated changes in precipitation patterns. At Northern latitudes, one of the likely consequences of global warming is increased precipitation and air humidity. In this work, the effects of both elevated atmospheric CO2 and increased(More)
People must often engage in sequential sampling in order to make predictions about the relative quantities of two options. We investigated how directional motives influence sampling selections and resulting predictions in such cases. We used a paradigm in which participants had limited time to sample items and make predictions about which side of the screen(More)
The reversible covalent attachment of chemical probes to proteins has long been sought as a means to visualize and manipulate proteins. Here we demonstrate the full reversibility of post-translational custom pantetheine modification of E. coli acyl carrier protein (ACP) for visualization and functional studies. We utilize this iterative enzymatic(More)
Ecosystems may exhibit alternative stable states (ASS) in response to environmental change. Modelling and observational data broadly support the theory of ASS, however evidence from manipulation experiments supporting this theory is limited. Here, we provide long-term manipulation and observation data supporting the existence of drought induced alternative(More)
Understanding how healthfully people think they eat compared to others has implications for their motivation to engage in dietary change and the adoption of health recommendations. Our goal was to investigate the scope, sources, and measurements of bias in comparative food consumption beliefs. Across 4 experiments, participants made direct comparisons of(More)
Afforestation changes soil chemical properties over several decades. In contrast, microbial community structure can be shifted within the first decade and so, the direct effects of tree species can be revealed. The aim of this study was to determine the alteration of soil microbial community composition 10 years after afforestation by trees with contrasting(More)
  • Eszter Lellei-Kovács, Zoltán Botta-Dukát, Giovanbattista de Dato, Marc Estiarte, Gabriele Guidolotti, Gillian R. Kopittke +8 others
  • 2016
Soil respiration (SR) is a major component of the global carbon cycle and plays a fundamental role in ecosystem feedback to climate change. Empirical modelling is an essential tool for predicting ecosystem responses to environmental change, and also provides important data for calibrating and corroborating process-based models. In this study, we evaluated(More)
  • Steven L Voelker, J Renée Brooks, Frederick C Meinzer, Rebecca Anderson, Martin K-F Bader, Giovanna Battipaglia +25 others
  • 2016
Rising atmospheric [CO2 ], ca , is expected to affect stomatal regulation of leaf gas-exchange of woody plants, thus influencing energy fluxes as well as carbon (C), water, and nutrient cycling of forests. Researchers have proposed various strategies for stomatal regulation of leaf gas-exchange that include maintaining a constant leaf internal [CO2 ], ci ,(More)