Andrew R. Bottrill

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The use of oligonucleotides to activate the splicing of selected exons is limited by a poor understanding of the mechanisms affected. A targeted bifunctional oligonucleotide enhancer of splicing (TOES) anneals to SMN2 exon 7 and carries an exonic splicing enhancer (ESE) sequence. We show that it stimulates splicing specifically of intron 6 in the presence(More)
We have performed the iTRAQ mass spectrometry analysis of extracellular proteasomes and revealed posttranslational modifications (PTMs) of subunits of extracellular 26S proteasomes. There are novel sites of ubiquitination and acetylation found in the proteasome subunits α2 (K196), α4 (K189 and K234), α6 (K217), and Rpn6 (A2). We have revealed that the(More)
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