Andrew R. Bell

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(1) Legislative update. Clarified the comment by the Governor regarding merit. It was stated at the town hall meeting of last week that merit was referring to only step increases for state employees. However, this was clarified since the town hall. The Governor was in fact referring to actual merit increases for all. The problem is that the merit is likely(More)
In the Amazonian agricultural frontier, pasture for cattle ranching is an important and potentially hazardous form of land use because of sediment erosion as pastures degrade. This relationship between ranching, sediment load, and water quality is likely to further exacerbate environmental impacts, particularly in the context of climate change. We examine(More)
a r t i c l e i n f o Available online xxxx Shifting agricultural land management to one that promotes the use of biological control alongside insecticide spray, requires two key elements: 1) habitat for natural enemies provided by non-crop area within the agricultural landscape, and 2) judicious use of insecticides by farmers. However, barriers to adoption(More)
It is widely argued that farmers are unwilling to pay adequate fees for surface water irrigation to recover the costs associated with maintenance and improvement of delivery systems. In this paper, we use a discrete choice experiment to study farmer preferences for irrigation characteristics along two branch canals in Punjab Province in eastern Pakistan. We(More)
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