Andrew R Bauder

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Regeneration in the peripheral nervous system (PNS) is widely studied both for its relevance to human disease and to understand the robust regenerative response mounted by PNS neurons thereby possibly illuminating the failures of CNS regeneration(1). Sciatic nerve crush (axonotmesis) is one of the most common models of peripheral nerve injury in rodents(2).(More)
OBJECTIVES Incisional hernia (IH) remains a common, highly morbid, and costly complication. Modest progress has been realized in surgical technique and mesh technology; however, few advances have been achieved toward understanding risk and prevention. In light of the increasing emphasis on prevention in today's health care environment and the billions in(More)
INTRODUCTION While recent studies project a national shortage of plastic surgeons, there may currently exist areas within the United States with few plastic surgeons. We conducted this study to describe the current geographic distribution of the plastic surgery workforce across the United States. METHODS Using the 2013 to 2014 Area Health Resource File,(More)
BACKGROUND Preoperative surgical risk assessment continues to be a critical component of clinical decision-making. The ACS Universal Risk Calculator estimates risk for several outcomes based on individual risk profiles. Although this represents a tremendous step toward improving outcomes, studies have reported inaccuracies among certain patient populations.(More)
INTRODUCTION Despite a national health care policy requiring payers to cover breast reconstruction, rates of postmastectomy reconstruction are low, particularly among minority populations. We conducted this study to determine if geographic access to a plastic surgeon impacts breast reconstruction rates. METHODS Using 2010 inpatient and ambulatory surgery(More)
BACKGROUND Over 175,000 Americans underwent bariatric surgery in 2013 alone, resulting in rapid growth of the massive weight loss population. As obesity is a known risk factor for breast cancer, plastic surgeons are increasingly challenged to reconstruct the breasts of massive weight loss patients after oncologic resection. The goal of this study is to(More)