Andrew Procter

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The distribution of lignin in black spruce has been determined quantitatively by the study of 0.5 μm transverse sections in a UV microscope. The average lignin concentration in the compound middle lamella was about twice that in the secondary wall. The lignin concentration of the middle lamella at the cell corners of adjacent tracheids was nearly four times(More)
A method has been developed for the determination of lignin distribution in the wood cell wall by ultraviolet microscopy. The method incorporates some important advances on previus applications of UV microscopy to the study of lignin distribution. Ultrathin cross-sections of wood are obtained by the sample preparation and sectioning techniques of electron(More)
Climate change concerns, increasing global energy demand, coupled with limited supply of fossil fuels, calls for development of new power source. Solar energy is a very promising renewable energy source to moderate the growth of energy demand. The combination of electrolyser and fuel cell which use hydrogen as an energy carrier extends the utilisation of(More)
Original papers 50 Defaulters in general practice: reasons for default and patterns of attendance Martin P Cosgrove t 53 Comnparing trainer and trainee referral rates: implications for education and allocation of resources Aly Rashid and Carol Jagger 56 Organization of care for diabetic patients in general practice: influence on hospital admnissions Andrew(More)
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