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Working within standard classical higher-order logic, we propose a possible worlds semantics (PWS) which combines the simplicity of the familiar Montague semantics (MS), in which propositions are sets of worlds, with the fine-grainedness of the older but less well-known tractarian semantics (TS) of Wittgenstein and C.I. Lewis, wherein worlds are maximal(More)
A switched inertance hydraulic system uses a fast switching valve to control flow or pressure and is potentially very efficient as it does not rely on dissipation of power by throttling. This article studies its performance using an analytical method which efficiently describes the system in the time domain and frequency domain. A lumped parameter model and(More)
We argue that infants perform an abstraction over their auditory representations of the vowels of individual speakers, by mapping them to a mediating space of speaker-independent representations, guided by vocal imitative interaction with their caretakers, as a first step in the phonological acquisition process. Furthermore, we proffer a methodology for(More)
A. J. (2014) Theoretical and experimental studies of a switched inertance hydraulic system including switching transition dynamics, non-linearity and leakage. This version is made available in accordance with publisher policies. Please cite only the published version using the reference above. Abstract This paper reports on theoretical and experimental(More)
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