Andrew Pickering

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UNLABELLED The scientific literature through 2005 on the effects of ventilation rates on health in indoor environments has been reviewed by a multidisciplinary group. The group judged 27 papers published in peer-reviewed scientific journals as providing sufficient information on both ventilation rates and health effects to inform the relationship.(More)
Scientific literature on the effects of ventilation on health, comfort, and productivity in non-industrial indoor environments (offices, schools, homes, etc.) has been reviewed by a multidisciplinary group of European scientists, called EUROVEN, with expertise in medicine, epidemiology, toxicology, and engineering. The group reviewed 105 papers published in(More)
In this paper, we propose a new semidiscrete Hirota equation which yields the Hirota equation in the continuum limit. We focus on the topic of how the discrete space step δ affects the simulation for the soliton solution to the Hirota equation. The Darboux transformation and explicit solution for the semidiscrete Hirota equation are constructed. We show(More)
We examine default decisions under different political systems. If democratically elected politicians are unable to make credible commitments to repay externally held debt, default rates are inefficiently high because politicians internalize voter utility loss from repayment. A politician who is motivated by election concerns is more likely to default in(More)
he postwar period was one of intense interdisciplinary ferment, nowhere more so than at the famous Macy conferences on circular causal and feedback mechanisms held in New York between 1946 and 1953. Interdisciplinarity is back in vogue and many recall the Macys wistfully. But there are different kinds of interdisciplinarity. We usually think of adding up(More)
Sophisticated voters assess incumbent competence by filtering out economic cycles (which they do not like) from trend growth (which they do). Naive voters on the other hand respond only to raw economic growth. This implies that voting in aggregate should respond asymmetrically to the economic cycle. Upswings are rewarded by the naive, but punished by the(More)
Robert Richardson School of Mechanical Engineering, University of Leeds, UK e-mail: Shaun Whitehead Scoutek, Ltd, UK e-mail: TC Ng Independant researcher, Hong Kong Zahi Hawass Supreme Council of Antiquities, Egypt Andrew Pickering School of Mechanical Engineering, University of Leeds, UK Stephen Rhodes(More)
The main aims of the article are as follows: (1) to indicate that cognition (in particular the conditions of effectiveness in laboratory practices) may be satisfactorily modelled from a (properly determined) constructivist perspective; (2) to reconstruct the latest tendencies within science and technology studies encapsulated in the term(More)