Andrew Pickering

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The purpose of the study was to determine if exhaled nitric oxide levels in children varied according to their asthmatic and atopic status. Exhaled nitric oxide was measured in a sample of 93 children attending the North West Lung Centre, Manchester, United Kingdom, for the clinical evaluation of a respiratory questionnaire being developed as a screening(More)
UNLABELLED The scientific literature through 2005 on the effects of ventilation rates on health in indoor environments has been reviewed by a multidisciplinary group. The group judged 27 papers published in peer-reviewed scientific journals as providing sufficient information on both ventilation rates and health effects to inform the relationship.(More)
Scientific literature on the effects of ventilation on health, comfort, and productivity in non-industrial indoor environments (offices, schools, homes, etc.) has been reviewed by a multidisciplinary group of European scientists, called EUROVEN, with expertise in medicine, epidemiology, toxicology, and engineering. The group reviewed 105 papers published in(More)
BACKGROUND Allergen avoidance is of considerable interest in the treatment and even prevention of asthma. Attempts to control house dust mites have included environmental manipulation in homes in an attempt to reduce humidity below a level that favors mite survival. This appears to have some benefit in Scandinavia, but a previous attempt with mechanical(More)
The second Painlevé hierarchy is defined as the hierarchy of ordinary differential equations obtained by similarity reduction from the modified Korteweg-de Vries hierarchy. Its first member is the well-known second Painlevé equation, PII . In this paper we use this hierarchy in order to illustrate our application of the truncation procedure in Painlevé(More)
The relations between the different linear problems for Painlevé equations is an intriguing open problem. Here we consider our second and fourth Painlevé hierarchies given in Publ. Res. Inst. Math. Sci. (Kyoto) 37 327-347 (2001), and show that they could alternatively have been derived using the linear problems of Jimbo and Miwa. That is, we give a gauge(More)
Bäcklund transformations (BTs) for ordinary differential equations (ODEs), and in particular for hierarchies of ODEs, are a topic of great current interest. Here we give an improved method of constructing BTs for hierarchies of ODEs. This approach is then applied to fourth Painlevé (PIV ) hierarchies recently found by the same authors [Publ. Res. Inst.(More)
A molecular process based genotype-to-phenotype map will ultimately enable us to predict how genetic variation among individuals results in phenotypic alterations. Building such a map is, however, far from straightforward. It requires understanding how molecular variation re-shapes developmental and metabolic networks, and how the functional state of these(More)
Historians have persistently likened strike waves to wildfires, avalanches, and epidemics. These phenomena are characterized by a power-law distribution of event sizes. This kind of analysis is applied to outbreaks of class conflict in Chicago from 1881 to 1886. Events are defined as individual strikes or miniature strike waves; size is measured by the(More)