Andrew Perrin

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Recent studies have suggested the existence of innate host surveillance systems for the detection of bacteria in the cytosol of mammalian cells. The molecular details of how bacteria are recognized in the cytosol, however, remain unclear. Here we examined the fate of Salmonella typhimurium, a gram-negative bacterial pathogen that can infect a variety of(More)
One of the most curious aspects of the 2004 presidential election was the strength and resilience of the belief among many Americans that Saddam Hussein was linked to the terrorist attacks of September 11. Scholars have suggested that this belief was the result of a campaign of false information and innuendo from the Bush administration. We call this the(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the prevalence of obesity-related behaviors and attitudes in children's movies. METHODS A mixed-methods study of the top-grossing G- and PG-rated movies, 2006-2010 (4 per year) was performed. For each 10-min movie segment, the following were assessed: 1) prevalence of key nutrition and physical activity behaviors corresponding to(More)
BACKGROUND While research has demonstrated a link between the built environment and obesity, much variation remains unexplained. Physical features are necessary, but not sufficient, for physical activity: residents must choose to use these features in health-promoting ways. This article reveals a role for local culture in tempering the effect of the(More)
We examine the cross-sectional association between subjective social status and self-rated physical and mental health functioning in 518 Black and White patients enrolled in a community-based hypertension control research study. We found that (1) subjective social status, measured using both a proximal and distal referent group, was positively associated(More)
Also included is a lengthier version of Sanderson's reply than the one published in the print edition of the newsletter. Thirty-five years ago, Alvin Gouldner (1970) predicted a coming crisis of Western sociology. Not only did he turn out to be right, but if anything he underestimated the severity of the crisis. This crisis has been particularly severe in(More)
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