Andrew Park

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This paper presents a social agent pedestrian model based on experiments with human subjects. Research studies of criminology and environmental psychology show that certain features of the urban environment generate fear in people, causing them to take alternate routes. The Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) strategy has been implemented(More)
HYPOTHESIS Scapular cortical thickness has not been fully characterized from the perspective of determining optimal screw placement for securing the glenoid base plate in reverse shoulder arthroplasty. MATERIALS AND METHODS Twelve fresh frozen cadaveric scapulae underwent high resolution CT scans with 3-dimensional reconstructions and wall thickness(More)
BACKGROUND Teratogen information services have been developed around the world to disseminate information regarding the safety of maternal exposures during pregnancy. The Motherisk Program in Toronto, Canada, fields thousands of these inquiries per year. Our primary objective was to evaluate the perception and utilization of information received from us by(More)
We conducted a study to evaluate the congruency of fit of current scapular plate designs. Three-dimensional image-processing and -analysis software, and computed tomography scans of 12 cadaveric scapulae were used to generate 3 measurements: mean distance from plate to bone, maximum distance, and percentage of plate surface within 2 mm of bone. These(More)
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