Andrew Papanicolaou

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Few researchers agree about the relationship between fronto-temporo-parietal white matter microstructure and reading skills. Unlike many previous reports, which only measured fractional anisotropy, we have also measured macroscopic volume (regional white matter tract volume) and three microstructural indices (axial, radial, and mean diffusivity) to increase(More)
Inconsistent differences in the corpus callosum (CC) structure between dyslexic readers (DRs) and typical readers (TRs) have been reported. We examine differences in CC splenium microstructure and the association of splenium microstructure with reading-related skills. Nine DRs and 18 TRs completed a reading skills battery and diffusion tensor imaging. DRs(More)
Although individuals born preterm are at risk for cognitive dysfunction, few studies have examined functional brain reorganization in these individuals. We used magnetoencephalography (MEG) to examine cortical reorganization related to preterm birth. Thirty-one adolescents systemically selected from a longitudinal study on child development based on(More)
Volatility products have become popular in the past 15 years as a hedge against market uncertainty. In particular, there is growing interest in options on the VIX volatility index. A number of recent empirical studies examine whether there is significantly greater risk premium in VIX option prices compared with S&P 500 option prices. We address this issue(More)
To investigate the significance of electroencephalogram (EEG) discharges and their treatment, we retrospectively reviewed the charts of 22 children with atypical cognitive development that did not respond to standard educational therapy and demonstrated discharges on EEG. Most children demonstrated no obvious symptoms of seizures, and developmental(More)
We consider the problem of filtering and control in the setting of portfolio optimization in financial markets with random factors that are not directly observable. The example that we present is a commodities portfolio where yields on futures contracts are observed with some noise. Through the use of perturbation methods, we are able to show that the(More)
Magnetoencephalography (MEG) measures the field generated by the brain's electrical currents noninvasively. MEG is currently used for localization of epileptiform activity sources and for presurgical functional brain mapping. Such mapping with MEG requires the patients to be cooperative and lie still on their back for as long as ten minutes at a time.(More)
Shift of the cortical mechanisms of language from the usually dominant left to the non-dominant right hemisphere has been demonstrated in the presence of large brain lesions. Here, we report a similar phenomenon in a patient with a cavernoma over the anterolateral superior temporal gyrus associated with epilepsy. Language mapping was performed by two(More)