Andrew Pan

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— Evaluation of novel devices in the context of circuits is crucial to identifying and maximizing their value. We propose a new framework, Pareto optimization-based circuit-level evaluator for emerging device (PROCEED), that uses comprehensive performance, power, and area metrics for accurate device-circuit coevaluation through optimization of digital(More)
— In this paper, we develop an evaluation framework to assess variability in nanoscale inversion-mode (IM) and junc-tionless (JL) fin field-effect transistors (FinFETs) due to line edge roughness (LER) and random dopant fluctuation (RDF) for both six transistor (6T) static random access memory (SRAM) design and large-scale digital circuits. From a(More)
Cranially conjoined twins are rare and pose unique challenges in the preoperative evaluation of cerebral language function. The authors report on their experience in the functional magnetic resonance (fMR) imaging evaluation of adult craniopagus (temporoparietooccipital fusion) to evaluate hemispheric language dominance and the eloquent language areas in(More)
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