Andrew P. Worthen

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Iterative algorithms are an attractive approach to approximating optimal, but high-complexity, joint channel estimation and decoding receivers for communication systems. We present a unified approach based on factor graphs for deriving iterative message-passing receiver algorithms for channel estimation and decoding. For many common channels, it is easy to(More)
This paper presents techniques for achieving high throughput in delay-constrained, multihop wireless communication networks with time-varying link connectivity. We develop a rate-controlled, multipath strategy using network coding, and compare its performance with that of multipath flooding and with the performance of traditional single-path strategies.(More)
High speed satellite-based data networks are highly desirable for a variety of mobile applications. In order to inter-operate with existing networks, satellite-based systems must support TCP/IP traffic. However, TCP performs poorly on land-mobile satellite channels because of large propagation delays and frequent correlated packet loss. The use of a link(More)
Performance Optimization of VLSI Transceivers for Low-Energy Communications Systems Andrew P. Worthen, Sangjin Hong, Riten Gupta, and Wayne E. Stark Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science University of Michigan Ann Arbor, MI 48109 Abstract|Design of low-energy communications systems requires attention to power consumption in the overall(More)
This work addresses the challenge in providing reliable communication in mobile networks with intermittent, on/off links through the use of a routing overlay designed to deal with these channel impairments. Link blockage is a predominant feature of mobile networks operating at 10+ GHz frequencies, and current techniques are ill-suited to address this(More)