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— Iterative algorithms are an attractive approach to approximating optimal, but high-complexity, joint channel estimation and decoding receivers for communication systems. We present a unified approach based on factor graphs for deriving iterative message-passing receiver algorithms for channel estimation and decoding. For many common channels, it is easy(More)
High speed satellite-based data networks are highly desirable for a variety of mobile applications. In order to inter-operate with existing networks, satellite-based systems must support TCP/IP traffic. However, TCP performs poorly on land-mobile satellite channels because of large propagation delays and frequent correlated packet loss. The use of a link(More)
This work addresses the challenge in providing reliable communication in mobile networks with intermittent, on/off links through the use of a routing overlay designed to deal with these channel impairments. Link blockage is a predominant feature of mobile networks operating at 10+ GHz frequencies, and current techniques are ill-suited to address this(More)
Blockage of communication links due to environmental obstructions and the resulting on/off channel behavior present challenges for providing reliable communication in mobile wireless networks. Traditional reliability techniques such as forward error correction and automatic repeat request (ARQ) are not designed to operate at the timescales typically(More)