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Increasing self-efficacy is generally considered to be an important mediator of the effects of physical activity interventions. A previous review identified which behaviour change techniques (BCTs) were associated with increases in self-efficacy and physical activity for healthy non-obese adults. The aim of the current review was to identify which BCTs(More)
OBJECTIVE Walking groups are increasingly being set up but little is known about their efficacy in promoting physical activity. The present study aims to assess the efficacy of interventions to promote walking in groups to promoting physical activity within adults, and to explore potential moderators of this efficacy. METHOD Systematic literature review(More)
  • J L Brumbaugh, Patrick S Fleming, Stephan Ramon Garcia, Madeleine Bulkow, Luis Alberto Garcia, Gizem Karaali +2 others
  • 2013
The theory of supercharacters, which generalizes classical character theory, was recently introduced by P. Diaconis and I.M. Isaacs, building upon earlier work of C. André. We study supercharacter theories on (Z/nZ) d induced by the actions of certain matrix groups, demonstrating that a variety of exponential sums of interest in number theory (e.g., Gauss,(More)
The psychosocial impact of 'late' deafness in adults has received little research attention. The aim of this study was to examine the views of people with experience of late deafness living in the UK. Eight participants (six male; age range 33 to 60) were interviewed by a researcher who had undergone appropriate communication skills training. In-depth,(More)
The objective was to examine tutors' views regarding motivation to become a lay tutor on a generic, lay-led self-management programme, 'Challenging Deafness' (CD); their experience of course delivery; and the impact of being a tutor on their own lives. Eight tutors (6 male) were interviewed face-to-face. Data were analysed using content analysis. Motivation(More)
We aimed to study linguistic and non-linguistic elements of diagnostic reasoning across the continuum of medical education. We performed semi-structured interviews of premedical students, first year medical students, third year medical students, second year internal medicine residents, and experienced faculty (ten each) as they diagnosed three common causes(More)
  • J L Brumbaugh, Stephan Ramon Garcia, Matt Michal, Madeleine Bulkow, Luis Alberto Garcia, Andrew P Turner
  • 2013
We investigate a remarkable class of exponential sums which are derived from the symmetric groups and which display a diverse array of visually appealing features. Our interest in these expressions stems not only from their astounding visual properties, but also from the fact that they represent a novel and intriguing class of supercharacters.
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