Andrew P R Wilson

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This study utilizes both public and private data sources to estimate clinical phase transition and clinical approval probabilities for drugs in the development pipelines of the 50 largest pharmaceutical firms (by sales). The study examined the development histories of these investigational compounds from the time point at which they first entered clinical(More)
BACKGROUND Hospital-acquired infection due to meticillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) is common within intensive-care units. Single room or cohort isolation of infected or colonised patients is used to reduce spread, but its benefit over and above other contact precautions is not known. We aimed to assess the effectiveness of moving versus not(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify clinical markers available within the first 48 hours of admission that are associated with poor outcome in infective endocarditis. DESIGNS Retrospective cohort study. SETTING Teaching hospital. PATIENTS 208 of 220 patients with infective endocarditis. METHODS Consecutive patients with infective endocarditis presenting between(More)
Tibetans do not exhibit increased hemoglobin concentration at high altitude. We describe a high-frequency missense mutation in the EGLN1 gene, which encodes prolyl hydroxylase 2 (PHD2), that contributes to this adaptive response. We show that a variant in EGLN1, c.[12C>G; 380G>C], contributes functionally to the Tibetan high-altitude phenotype. PHD2(More)
BACKGROUND The lack of prospective, randomized, controlled trial data to guide optimal antibiotic use in bacteraemic critically ill patients has led to a wide variety of strategies and major issues with drug resistance. We therefore prospectively investigated the epidemiology of bacteraemia and fungaemia in intensive care units (ICUs); and the impact of(More)
BACKGROUND Empyema is an increasingly frequent clinical problem worldwide, and has substantial morbidity and mortality. Our objectives were to identify the clinical, surgical and microbiological features, and management outcomes, of empyema. METHODS A retrospective observational study over 12 years (1999-2010) was carried out at The Heart Hospital,(More)
To compare antibiotic regimens for their effectiveness in preventing or treating wound sepsis, well-defined criteria for outcome are needed. A method of assessing wound healing has been devised that defines carefully the characteristics to be considered and how they are to be awarded points. Objective criteria are also included in the assessment. Points are(More)
BACKGROUND Copper and zinc are essential trace elements and nutrients, which have important roles in physiology and disease and as cofactors in many metabolic pathways. We established age- and gender-specific reference intervals for serum copper and zinc, with a large healthy pediatric population. METHODS A total of 2115 clinically healthy children, 85.4%(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine the pharmacokinetic characteristics of linezolid and teicoplanin in critically ill patients. PATIENTS AND METHODS Serum was collected frequently during day 0 and then pre- and 1 h post-dose on days 1, 2, 3, 5, 7 and every third day thereafter during treatment. Serum linezolid concentrations were analysed using HPLC. Serum(More)
The clinical usefulness of fine-needle aspiration cytology (FNAC) for the diagnosis of parotid gland lesions is controversial. Many accuracy studies have been published, but the literature has not been adequately summarized. We identified 64 studies on the diagnosis of malignancy (6,169 cases) and 7 studies on the diagnosis of neoplasia (795 cases). The(More)