Andrew P Lange

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BACKGROUND Predisposition is responsible for approximately 50% of age-related cataracts. Investigation of inherited forms of cataract provides the opportunity to identify the genes that may play a role in age-related cataract as well. PATIENTS AND METHODS We describe the phenotype of a Swiss family with juvenile cataract, associated with microcornea and(More)
Topography-guided photorefractive keratectomy (TG-PRK) combined with corneal collagen crosslinking (CXL) has been shown to potentially improve vision and stabilize progression in patients with keratoconus (KC). We attempted to reproduce the previously published results using a different laser platform (AMARIS 500E) in patients with KC and post-LASIK ectasia(More)
We demonstrate that scanning tunneling microscope tip-surface crash events can be utilized as an efficient means for the creation of predefined island configurations for diffusion studies. Using this method, islands of varying size can be created and placed in close proximity, increasing the probability of initiating and observing coalescence events. Data(More)
Nonvented "aerodynamic helmets" reduce wind resistance but may increase head (Th) and gastrointestinal (Tgi) temperature and reduce performance when worn in hot conditions. This study tested the hypothesis that Th and Tgi would be greater during low-intensity cycling (LIC) in the heat while wearing an aero helmet (AERO) vs. a traditional vented racing(More)
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