Andrew Okhrimenko

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Authors have proposed the approach to increase performance of software implementation of finite field multiplication algorithm, for 32-bit and 64-bit platforms. The approach is based on delayed carry mechanism of significant bit in sum accumulating. This allows to avoid the requirement of taking into account the significant bit carry at the each iteration(More)
In this paper there are considered several approaches for the increasing performance of software implementation of integer multiplication algorithm for the 32-bit & 64-bit platforms via parallelization. The main idea of algorithm parallelization consists in delayed carry mechanism using which authors have proposed earlier [11]. The delayed carry allows to(More)
In modern cryptosystems, there are many well-proven often used constructions, such as operations in binary fields. In this paper method of algorithm construction for modular reduction by fixed irreducible polynomial (trinomial or pentanomial) was proposed. This method applying allows to get a high performance algorithm of modular reduction for specified(More)
Increasing amounts of information that needs to be protecting put in claims specific requirements for information security systems. The main goal of this paper is to find ways to increase performance of cryptographic transformation with public key by increasing performance of integers squaring. Authors use delayed carry mechanism and approaches of effective(More)