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Episodic memory provides a mechanism for accessing past experiences and has been relatively ignored in computational models of cognition. In this paper, we present a framework for describing the functional stages for computational models of episodic memory: encoding, storage, retrieval and use of the retrieved memories. We present two implementations of a(More)
■ This article describes requirements for synthetic adversaries for urban combat training and a prototype application, MOUTBots. MOUTBots use a commercial computer game to define, implement, and test basic behavior representation requirements and the Soar architecture as the engine for knowledge representation and execution. The article describes how these(More)
For a human, episodic memory is a memory of past experiences that one gains over a lifetime. While episodic memory appears critical to human function, researchers have done little to explore the potential benefits for an artificially intelligent agent. In this research, we have added a task-independent, episodic memory to a cognitive architecture. To frame(More)
Episodic memory is essential for human cognition and has also proven necessary for some intelligent agents. The size of an episodic store grows over time unless some forgetting mechanism is in place to keep it in check. In this research, we investigate the effect that different forgetting mechanisms have on the episodic memory performance. We compare three(More)
Evidence indicates that episodic memory plays an important role in general cognition. A modest body of research exists for creating artificial episodic memory systems. To date, research has focused on exploring their benefits. As a result, existing episodic memory systems rely on a small, relevant memory cue for effective memory retrieval. We present(More)
(the Soar-RL Tutorial is currently a separate document from this six-part tutorial) Soar Tutorial 2 Acknowledgments This tutorial is the culmination of work by many people, and has been refined and expanded significantly over several years. Soar 8, based on Bob Wray's thesis work with contributions from Randy Jones and Mike vanLent, was a significant(More)