Andrew Nightingale

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We describe how system design consistency can be maintained across multiple levels of design abstraction using a modular verification IP strategy. This strategy involves delivery of verification IP in an environment independent manner, utilizing a standard system verification architecture that leverages re-usable component verification drivers,(More)
Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease (CMT) is an inherited peripheral neuropathy that has been linked to mutations in multiple genes. Mutations in the neurofilament light (NFL) chain gene lead to the CMT2E form whereas mutations in the myotubularin-related protein 2 and 13 (MTMR2 and MTMR13) genes lead to the CMT4B form. These two forms share characteristic(More)
UniProt has been prepared byRolfApweiler, Alex Bateman,Maria JesusMartin, ClaireO’Donovan,MicheleMagrane, Yasmin Alam–Faruque, Emanuele Alpi, Ricardo Antunes, Joanna Arganiska, Elisabet Barrera Casanova, Benoit Bely, Mark Bingley, Carlos Bonilla, Ramona Britto, Borisas Bursteinas, Wei Mun Chan, Gayatri Chavali, Elena Cibrian–Uhalte, Alan Da(More)
DNA & RNA Beginner 2 hours Genetic variation is fundamental to the evolution of all species and is what makes us individuals. Our genes have a large influence on our lives. They affect what we look like, our personalities and preferences and our susceptibility to disease. By studying genetic variation we hope to understand the molecular process that(More)