Andrew Neville Miles

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PURPOSE To determine which patients with evidence of medically refractory bitemporal epilepsy are potentially good candidates for surgical therapy. METHODS We reviewed 42 adults with intractable seizures who were found to have bitemporal ictal onsets, based on scalp video-EEG long-term monitoring (LTM). All underwent invasive LTM before surgery. Surgical(More)
OBJECTIVE We aimed to determine an effective dose schedule for intravenously administered magnesium, to establish its neuroprotective efficacy in both pre- and postischemic treatment paradigms, and to compare the neuroprotective properties of MgSO(4) and MgCl(2). METHODS Rats that had been subjected to the bilateral carotid artery occlusion plus(More)
Transient cerebral ischaemia accompanies a number of disease processes, including stroke, subarachnoid haemorrhage and head injury, that have a profound social and economic impact on our community. The development of neuroprotective agents that reduce the morbidity associated with these diverse conditions requires an understanding of the mechanisms of(More)
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