Andrew N. Christopher

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This study examined how wealth cues and the social image concerns of the perceiver in̄uence interpersonal attributions about others. American college students …N ˆ 150† read vignettes that described a man or a woman in either an a‚uent or not so a‚uent home setting. They then evaluated the target person on 20 personal qualities and indicated their desire to(More)
BACKGROUND Ischaemic priapism (IP), which is refractory to conventional medical and surgical intervention, results in necrosis of the corpus cavernosum smooth muscle. These patients eventually develop a variable degree of corporal smooth muscle fibrosis that presents as erectile dysfunction and penile shortening. OBJECTIVES To evaluate the long-term(More)
The effect of shyness and fear of negative evaluation (FNE) on helping behavior was examined. Eighty-three students participated in the experiment. Their individual shyness, FNE, and self-monitoring scores were collected prior to participation. During the experiment, participants had the opportunity to help a female confederate in either a social or(More)
PURPOSE The current management of ischemic priapism that is refractory to conventional medical therapy is a form of shunt procedure that diverts blood away from the corpus cavernosum. We assessed the outcome of the T-shunt and intracavernous tunneling for the management of ischemic priapism. MATERIALS AND METHODS During a 36-month period 45 patients(More)
To assess how different facets of aging anxiety contributed to the prediction of tangible and existential death anxiety, 167 Americans of various Christian denominations completed a battery of questionnaires. Multiple regression analyses, controlling for demographic variables and previously demonstrated predictors of death anxiety, revealed that the aging(More)
In this study, 185 British and 143 American undergraduates completed a battery of tests that measured attitudes toward animal testing and various individual difference variables. Attitudes toward animal testing factored into two interpretable factors: general attitudes toward animal testing, and animal welfare and conditions of testing. Overall, there was(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the long-term results of early and delayed insertion of a penile prosthesis (PP) in men with refractory ischaemic priapism (IP). PATIENTS AND METHODS Early insertion of a PP was carried out in 68 men with IP within a median of 7 days from the onset of priapism, while 27 had delayed insertion after a median of 5 months. The results for(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the outcome of not circumcising patients having surgery to correct a congenital or acquired curvature, through a subcoronal approach. PATIENTS AND METHODS In a series of 251 consecutive patients (mean age 46 years, range 17-74) that had their penis straightened by either a Lue (86), or a Nesbit procedure (162) or a combination of both(More)
To test the hypothesis that the established relationship between materialism and psychological well-being would be eliminated or significantly attenuated when controlling for social support, 159 American college students completed the Richins and Dawson (1992) materialism scale, the Cohen and Hoberman (1983) Interpersonal Support Evaluation List, and the(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess the oucomes of penile prosthesis (PP) implantation after total phallic reconstruction secondary to gender dysphoria (GD). SUBJECT/PATIENTS AND METHODS We conducted a retrospective single center analysis of 247 consecutive patients. The recruitment time was between January 2001 and October 2015. A total of 328 inflatable PP were(More)