Andrew N. Christopher

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To assess how different facets of aging anxiety contributed to the prediction of tangible and existential death anxiety, 167 Americans of various Christian denominations completed a battery of questionnaires. Multiple regression analyses, controlling for demographic variables and previously demonstrated predictors of death anxiety, revealed that the aging(More)
In this study, 185 British and 143 American undergraduates completed a battery of tests that measured attitudes toward animal testing and various individual difference variables. Attitudes toward animal testing factored into two interpretable factors: general attitudes toward animal testing, and animal welfare and conditions of testing. Overall, there was(More)
To test the hypothesis that the established relationship between materialism and psychological well-being would be eliminated or significantly attenuated when controlling for social support, 159 American college students completed the Two hierarchical multiple regressions found support for this hypothesis with respect to positive affect, but not with(More)
Four-hundred and twenty-four students completed the Big Five (NEO-FFI: Costa & McCrae, 1992) and approaches to learning (Study Process Questionnaire: Biggs, 1987) scales, and rated the personality facets they desired in a good lecturer/professor. In general, students tended most to prefer lecturers who were emotionally stable (low in Neuroticism) and(More)
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