Andrew Morton

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A single microRNA (miRNA) can inhibit a large number of mRNA transcripts. This widespread regulatory function has been experimentally demonstrated for a number of miRNAs. However, even when a multitude of targets is confirmed, function of a miRNA is frequently interpreted through a prism of a handful arbitrarily selected "interesting" targets. In this work(More)
To maintain neurotransmission in central neurons, several mechanisms are employed to retrieve synaptically exocytosed membrane. The two major modes of synaptic vesicle (SV) retrieval are clathrin-mediated endocytosis and activity-dependent bulk endocytosis (ADBE). ADBE is the dominant SV retrieval mode during intense stimulation, however the precise(More)
Neural circuits can spontaneously generate complex spatiotemporal firing patterns during development. This spontaneous activity is thought to help guide development of the nervous system. In this study, we had two aims. First, to characterise the changes in spontaneous activity in cultures of developing networks of either hippocampal or cortical neurons(More)
The function of the nervous system depends on the integrity of synapses and the patterning of electrical activity in brain circuits. The rapid advances in genome sequencing reveal a large number of mutations disrupting synaptic proteins, which potentially result in diseases known as synaptopathies. However, it is also evident that every normal individual(More)
In this paper, we present a methodology, based on an Enhanced Genetic Algorithm (EGA), for assigning data objects to dual-bank memories. Our approach is global, and special effort is made to identify those objects that could potentially benefit from an assignment to a specific memory, or perhaps duplication in both memories. The enhancements to the genetic(More)
Priority queues are data structures that maintain a list of data sorted first by priority and second by order of insertion (first in first out). These data structures are used in network routers to schedule outgoing packets from streams requiring various quality of service. Priority queues have also been used in hybrid operating systems that employ hardware(More)
The system on chip paradigm consists of one or more instruction set processors integrated with custom hardware on a single integrated circuit. A uni-processor real-time kernel is presented that integrates hardware coprocessors by viewing them as system resources to be scheduled in conjunction with the processor. The kernel implements the earliest-deadline(More)