Andrew Morrison

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Theories and analytical perspectives are linked to methods. The discussion of the methods used to capture the complexities of practices with a focus on social, cultural and economic layers represents an important resource for a discussion of designers' inter-pretative work with both traditional and new experimental methods. In previous chapters we have(More)
As we draw towards the end of the first decade of the twenty-first century, digital design research faces a complex conceptual and analytical landscape. This is one that concerns relations between multiples of tools, technologies and information systems, their social semiotic, multimodal mediations and cultural practices, and their interpretation. Given the(More)
BACKGROUND As the availability of open access full text research articles increases, so does the need for sophisticated search services that make the most of this new content. Here, we present a new feature available in Europe PMC that allows selected sections of full text articles to be searched, including figures and reference lists. Users can now search(More)
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