Andrew Morrison

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This argumentative essay at the intersection of media studies, Cultural Studies, and literacy research, frames of PD in the emerging territory of social media and civic engagement. We refer to core principles of PD and to recent reflections on social technologies and participation in design. These are linked to research on designing for participative(More)
The Virtual Science Camp (VSC) is a unique demonstration of synchronous e-learning developed by Mentoring in Medicine (MIM). This paper reports on a pilot offering during the summer of 2012 that taught advanced biological concepts, healthy living and health care career opportunities to medically underserved urban youth. Livestream's interactive video(More)
Off-the-Record messaging is a protocol for enabling secure, authenticated, deniable messaging with perfect forward secrecy , specifically over instant messaging networks. In this paper we describe the results of a finite-state security analysis of the OTR protocol. In addition to finding several security issues in the process of modeling the protocol, our(More)
This paper examines challenges faced in participatory design's confrontation with cultural complexity in contexts of intercultural encounter and transnational exchange. We argue that there is need for more elaborate approaches to culture, technology, and participation in relation to participatory design. By examining issues at the crossroads between(More)
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