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Amateur choral singing is a common pastime and worthy of study, possibly conferring benefits to health and social behaviour. Participants might be expected to possess musical ability and share some behavioural characteristics. Polymorphisms in genes concerned with serotonergic neurotransmission are associated with both behaviour and musical aptitude. Those(More)
We studied sedation scores, the processed electroencephalogram and mean arterial pressure pre-operatively in patients before and after spinal (n = 15) and lumbar epidural (n = 15) anaesthesia. We compared them with changes occurring over time in a control group (n = 15), using the responsiveness component of the Observer Assessment of Alertness and Sedation(More)
Ophthalmic surgeons often apply phenylephrine topically to effect pupillary dilatation. We describe a paediatric patient in whom cardiac arrhythmias, severe hypertension and pulmonary oedema occurred following intraoperative ocular phenylephrine administration. We believe that systemic absorption of the drug was responsible and discuss ways in which this(More)
In this prospective study, we investigated the effects of anxiety on the induction dose of propofol and subsequent cardiovascular changes in 197 patients. Pre-operative state and trait anxiety scores were measured using the State Trait Anxiety Inventory. Propofol was administered at 40 mg x kg(-1) x h(-1). Propofol dose was recorded at loss of verbal(More)
The Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) began operating from the Royal London Hospital in 1989. It remains the only medically staffed helicopter for the retrieval of major trauma victims in the UK. Its aim is to optimize early management and ensure rapid transport to appropriate specialist centres. When necessary, patients are anaesthetized, the(More)
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