Andrew Middleton

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Five groups of rats were treated by inhalation for 12 months, with the U.I.C.C. preparations of the 3 main commercially used asbestos types, chrysotile, crocidolite and amosite. The experiment was designed so that the effects of both fibre mass and fibre number could be examined. The results indicated that chrysotile dust caused far more lung fibrosis than(More)
INTRODUCTION Ciussi, Rosner, and Augier (2009) in their study of students' interest in using podcasting on their mobile devices identify two myths in the literature: firstly, those students who have grown up with the Internet are uncomfortable with, or unaware of, podcasting; secondly, that the much vaunted idea of " 'learning anytime anywhere'(More)
This randomized, double-blind, parallel-group study compared the efficacy and tolerability of zolmitriptan (2.5 or 5 mg) and sumatriptan (50 mg) in the acute oral treatment of up to six moderate-to-severe migraine attacks. The intention to treat (ITT) population comprised of 1522 patients: 500 treated with zolmitriptan 2.5 mg (2671 attacks), 514 with(More)
Spinal cord injury (SCI) is associated with a reduction in bone mineral density (BMD) and increasedbone fragility. This study aimed to quantify regional changes in bone mineral density and bone/muscle geometry in children following SCI using Peripheral Quantitative Computer Tomography (pQCT). A retrospective cohort study of 19 patients (10 males and 9(More)
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