Andrew Merryweather

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Membrane type 4 matrix metalloproteinase (MT4-MMP) shows the least sequence homology to the other MT-MMPs, suggesting a distinct function for this protein. We have isolated a complete cDNA corresponding to the mouse homologue which includes the signal peptide and a complete pro-domain, features that were lacking from the human form originally isolated.(More)
The range of sap-sucking insect pests to which GNA, (the mannose specific lectin from snowdrops (Galanthus nivalis) has been shown to be insecticidal in artificial diets has been extended to include the peach potato aphid (Myzus persicae). A gene construct for constitutive expression of GNA from the CaMV35S gene promoter has been introduced into tobacco(More)
We have investigated the efficacy of using the Escherichia coli lac operator-repressor system to control plant gene expression. The lacI gene was modified to allow optimal expression in plant cells and then placed downstream of the cauliflower mosaic virus (CaMV) 35S RNA promoter. This construct was introduced into tobacco plants by leaf disc(More)
The successful expression of animal or human virus epitopes on the surface of plant viruses has recently been demonstrated. These chimeric virus particles (CVPs) could represent a cost-effective and safe alternative to conventional animal cell-based vaccines. We report the insertion of oligonucleotides coding for a short linear epitope from the VP2 capsid(More)
myb-related transcription factors contain highly conserved DNA-binding domains. Using a mixture of degenerate oligonucleotides derived from the highly conserved region as probe, 14 myb-related clones were isolated from a cDNA library constructed using tomato hypocoyl mRNA. The expression of these clones was studied by northern blot analysis using poly(A)+(More)
Previous studies with purified variants of the 434 repressor having different operator-binding specificities have demonstrated the interactions of a heterodimeric repressor with a hybrid operator site. The present study investigates the interactions between the 434 repressor and its operator site. The optimum 434 operator half-site is used with a P22(More)
UNLABELLED A cohort of 536 workers was enrolled from 10 diverse manufacturing facilities and was followed monthly for six years. Job physical exposures were individually measured. Worker demographics, medical history, psychosocial factors, current musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and nerve conduction studies (NCS) were obtained. Point and lifetime(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to evaluate relationships between the revised NIOSH lifting equation (RNLE) and risk of low-back pain (LBP). BACKGROUND The RNLE is commonly used to quantify job physical stressors to the low back from lifting and/or lowering of loads. There is no prospective study on the relationship between RNLE and LBP that includes(More)
Insecticidal effects of three plant-derived genes, those encoding snowdrop lectin (GNA), bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) chitinase (BCH) and wheat α-amylase (WAI), were investigated and compared with effects of the cowpea trypsin inhibitor gene (CpTI). Transgenic potato plants containing each of the three genes singly, and in pairwise combinations were produced.(More)
Occupational back pain and injury are common and costly issues. Biomechanical models are often used to quantify job risk by estimating back muscle forces. In general, the most accurate models are also the most complex, creating demand for models that are both straightforward and accurate. An existing, basic hand-calculation back compressive force estimation(More)