Andrew Merlino

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In this paper we examine tire developed techniques and lessons learned in an operational multimedia exploitation system, Broadcast News Editor (BNE) and Broadcast News Navigator (BNN). BNE captures, analyzes, annotates, segments, summarizes, and stores broadcast news audio, video and textual data within tlte context of multimedia database system BNN(More)
This paper reports the development of a broadcast news video corpora and novel techniques to automatically segment stories, extract proper names, and visualize associated metadata. We report story segmentation and proper name xtraction results using an information retrieval inspired evaluation methodology, measuring the precision and recall performance of(More)
For the 2000 DARPA’s Topic Detection and Tracking (TDT) exercise, MITRE participated for the first time in the story segmentation track. During our evaluation and development effort, we created a simple naïve bayes classifier for segmentation. The classifier used five inputs, three new lexical cue detections and two new audio cue detections. This paper will(More)
This paper summarizes several initiatives at MITRE that are investigating the visualization of a range of content. We present results of our work in relevancy visualization, news visualization, world events visualization and sensor/battlefield visualization to enhance user interaction in information access and exploitation tasks. We summarize several(More)
The Boston marathon bombings of April 2013 in which three spectators were killed and more than 200 individuals were injured, resulted in an overwhelming influx of publicly available multimedia data that could be used to identify suspects, motives or both. Unfortunately, it is very difficult if not impossible for any number of analysts to review all the(More)
Critical Technical Challenges Many of us have many family memories saved on physical and electronic media but we do not have a mechanism to search them. Some of these memories are locked up in analog format such as black and white 16mm films (no audio), black and white photographs, color photographs, cassette recordings, 8 track tape, VHS tapes and 8MM(More)
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