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Monstrum/Mysterium Tremendum in Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Re-mythologising the Divine
For those to whom Buffy the Vampire Slayer seems a quaint pop-cultural parenthesis andtherefore have never taken the time to watch an episode, Buffy, a rather unassuming girlwho displays a knack forExpand
A Taste of What Desire seeks
The spiritual symbology of liturgical phenomena have been the subject of several classic commentaries in the Byzantine patristic tradition, as well as of several modern scholarly studies. However,Expand
Manic Eroticism and Sexual Melancholia: Romos Philyras and the Aesthetics of Madness
Romos Philyras appears early in the twentieth century as one of Greece’s most promisingand yet most tragic poets. In the shadow of Kostes Palamas, the preeminent figure of the era,Philyras developsExpand
Cavafy’s Commentary on his Poems/Poems, Prose Poems and Reflections
Cavafy’s Commentary on his Poems  (Translated by Andrew Mellas) Poems, Prose Poems and Reflections (Translated by Vrasidas Karalis)